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New imaging, all-in-one multimeter

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 14 March 2017

The DM284 is the latest member of the IGM family of instruments

The new FLIR DM284 is unlike any other multimeter on the market. It combines an 18-function, True RMS digital multimeter with FLIR's infrared guided measurement technology (IGM) which quickly steers the user to the precise location of the temperature anomaly at a safe distance from the electrical panel or cabinet.

The DM284 is the latest member of the IGM family of instruments which not only facilitate quicker troubleshooting but also make inspection more thorough. IGM puts the electrical problem into context, clearly visualising temperature differences. This is made possible by the built-in FLIR Lepton thermal 160x120 pixels micro-camera core that is now at the heart of a number of imaging instruments for the trades.

When scanning panels, connectors and wires, this micro-camera helps users pinpoint potential problems without requiring any direct contact with the test site.  Once IGM has identified an issue the current, voltage and other advanced functions on the FLIR DM284 are then employed to verify and confirm findings.

A built-in work light and a laser pointer assist in poorly lit environments and pinpoint the location of the problem in the thermal image.  Thermal and electrical thermocouple measurements can be viewed simultaneously and three thermal image colour palettes are selectable via the instrument's simple user interface.

The FLIR DM284 makes test and measurement quick, easy and effective and its combined capabilities also reduce the number of tools that electricians need to carry to conduct a thorough inspection.  IP54 rated and drop-tested to 3m, the FLIR DM284 carries FLIR's industry leading 10-year product warranty.

Ideal for field electronics, commercial electric, light industrial, field service and HVAC work, the FLIR DM284 can be supplied with a range of accessories including universal flex current probes, test leads, a carrying case and spare batteries.


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