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Kinetic Green brings mid-speed electric vehicle

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 10 October 2019

First of its kind electric vehicle designed for last mile deliveries carries load up to 400 Kg

Kinetic Safar Star qualifies for the incentive offered by Government of India under Fame 2 owing to its safety features and high level of local content.

Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited has launched new electric vehicle ‘Kinetic Safar Star' for the last mile deliveries and marked its entry into the mid-speed vehicle segment.

This newly launched vehicle for last mile deliveries is durable with an all steel body, and can carry load up to 400 kg. This vehicle is ideal for transporting goods in cramped, crowded city streets. Kinetic Safar Star delivers unbeatable compactness, agility and robustness. Strong steel body, contemporary styling and robust performance specifications, along with emission free, noise free experience and economical cost combine to offer a unique mix of form and function that render Kinetic Safar Star as the ideal vehicle for urban transport applications, ideal for last mile delivery.

In this segment a wide range of variants will be available which will offer solutions for every possible delivery application such as last mile delivery for e-commerce companies, FMCG goods delivery from wholesale to retail stores or door to door waste collection.

Kinetic Safar Star has a maximum speed of 40KM/hr and features an advanced Lithium ion 48 V battery with 150 AH power, along with a 3 year warranty on the battery and vehicle. The vehicle offers a driving range up to 130 km per charge making it suitable for day long delivery option. This vehicle also comes with swappable battery option. The vehicle is designed to reduce the carbon footprint with zero emission and provides a cost-effective solution for last mile connectivity.

The vehicle body is well equipped with CED coated all weather proof paint, long life tubular chassis, two speed gear box, CAN base display with regenerative braking system & front suspension with hydraulic dampener which makes it the most attractive value creator in its space.

Speaking on the occasion Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd. said, "Our new noise and pollution free delivery vehicle is ideally suited for the e-commerce and FMCG sector. It has potential to revolutionize last mile delivery of goods as well as urban waste collection by our municipal corporations. We encourage environment conscious customers to switch to the green EV option, which is not only a sustainable choice but also offers great savings. As compared to cost of over Rs. 3 per km using noisy, highly polluting diesel 3-wheelers, they can now offer quite, emission free delivery services at just Rs. 50 paise per km using our Safar Star. We hope to generate large micro-entrepreneurship opportunities and contribute to reduction of carbon footprint. "

Kinetic Safar Star qualifies for the incentive offered by Government of India under Fame 2 owing to its safety features and high level of local content. Safar Star is priced attractively at just INR. 220,000 (Ex Showroom price, Pune), including cost of the lithium ion battery. The vehicle will be marketed aggressively through 150 exclusive dealers of Kinetic Green across the country and also will feature a 3-year comprehensive warranty.


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