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STEER makes processing mica-based pigments easy

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 12 July 2016

Eliminates shear peaks, gains control over energy distribution with its Omega platform

STEER has announced the availability of Omega platform with specially designed screw configuration and technology, process know-how for compounding special effect pigments with minimal damage to the sensitive platelet structure, retaining up to 80% of the particle size in the compound from the pigment.

Mica, a delicate, natural, mineral is an integral part of special effect pigments used across various end user markets such as automotive, electronics, cosmetics, building materials, paints & coatings.

Atanu Maity, CEO, STEER Engineering, said "The demand for performance and special effect pigments is seeing a dramatic rise, driven by developed market and the emerging economies like China and India.

"The Omega platform is configured to process mica-based pigments with minimum damage to the platelet structure, it not only provides greater product appearance but effectively eliminates issues related to quality of properties, adaptability and damage. Omega platform will change the way industry is processing effect pigment."

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