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OSAT adopts Zeta's Metrology System for advanced semiconductor manufacturing

By Swati Sanyal Tarafdar,

Added 01 July 2015

Zeta-580 optical profiler with ZDotTechnology enables new processes at lowest cost of ownership

Zeta Instruments, Inc., announced that a leading Taiwan based outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) ordered its third Zeta-580 automated metrology system for production monitoring of advanced semiconductor packaging, including 2.5D interconnect and fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP).

With its patented ZDot 3D optical profiling technology and multi-mode optics, the Zeta-580 Optical Profiler provides measurement capabilities not found in any other metrology system. In addition to its advanced features, it enables metrology tool consolidation, providing reduced cost-of-ownership for advanced processes.

"Mobile electronics such as smart phones continue to drive the production of more powerful semiconductors requiring advanced packaging techniques, including 2.5D interconnect and FOWLP," said a fab manager at the OSAT facility in Taiwan.

"The Zeta-580 Optical Profiler is the only tool that is able to meet all of our metrology requirements. Also, its ability to perform multiple measurements on one system has enabled us to consolidate our metrology tool set to significantly reduce our cost-of-ownership."

"We have been working closely with our advanced packaging customers to meet their evolving application needs. The combination of our ZDot technology and multi-mode optics enables the Zeta-580 to perform measurements such as copper step height in the presence of photoresist, two-micron RDL dimensions and 3D bump characterization on passivation layers.

Such measurements are currently not possible with any other optical metrology system," stated Dr. Jim Xu, chief technology officer of Zeta Instruments.

About Zeta Instruments

Zeta Instruments designs and manufactures Multi-Mode optical profilers and defect inspection systems for multiple high-technology industries, including: advanced semiconductor packaging, high-brightness LEDs, advanced glass manufacturing, solar, microfluidics and data storage. In less than five years, Zeta Instruments has installed over 200 systems in 20 countries.


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