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"We will be launching new EVs in the next 8-12 months"

By Rahul Kamat,

Added 04 January 2024

In an exclusive interaction with Rahul Kamat, Vyankatesh Kulkarni, MercedesBenz’s Executive Director and Head of Operations, said that the company will be launching new EVs from their global portfolio suited to the Indian market. This involves launching electric versions of popular models tailored to Indian consumer preferences and market demands. Kulkarni further mentioned that Mercedes-Benz has established an extensive ultra-fast charging network of over 140 chargers.

Mercedes-Benz's manufacturing capabilities in India are quite remarkable and have shown substantial evolution over the years. Initially, the company started with assembling cars in India, but it has since progressed significantly. How has the company's manufacturing prowess evolved over the years?

Mercedes-Benz India's facility in Chakan is a global benchmark in quality as well as technological advancement and has remained the backbone of our growth in India. Spread over 100 acres, we have the largest installed production capacity for any luxury carmaker in India.

Currently, we can produce up to 20,000 units annually, which can be doubled to 40,000 units. Our flexible processes, high level of refinement and usage of advanced technology allow us to conform with the most stringent global standards. Our assembly lines are designed to accommodate multiple vehicle models, allowing us to seamlessly transition between internal combustion engines and electric cars. Today, iconic models like the S Class, our flagship luxury saloon EQS 580 and ultra-luxurious offerings like the Mercedes Maybach are ‘Made in India'.

In multiple cases, we have been the first market after mother plants to make cars starting from M-Class (first plant after USA) to Mercedes-Maybach, and of course the EQS 580. We are also the only country in the world to make Long Wheelbase E-Class in RHD. These milestones are a testament to our manufacturing prowess and commitment to ‘Make in India.'

In what ways does Mercedes-Benz India ensure the highest quality standards in its manufacturing processes? Could you elaborate on the quality control measures implemented?

At Mercedes Benz India, we believe and practice the ethos that ‘Quality is not a parameter but a character.' Our unique blend of manufacturing process excellence and people skills is the result of our collective understanding that ‘Quality is driven by processes, powered by technologies but achieved by a personal touch—we are making desirable luxury cars.'

Every technician in the plant feels a deep sense of ownership and emotional connection with the car produced in their line. We complement our best quality assurance process with a ‘First Time Right' philosophy in production and in-depth quality assessment from a customer point of view.

Our business processes are established on the strong foundation of ISO 9001 and are delivering global standards to satisfy customer expectations. Our clear focus on product and service quality has constructed a strong bridge of trust among the customers.

Innovation is a cornerstone of Mercedes-Benz's manufacturing processes in India. It plays a pivotal role in driving efficiency, quality, and sustainability across their production lines. Could you share any recent examples of innovative manufacturing practices implemented by Mercedes-Benz India?

Innovation is pivotal to Mercedes-Benz India's manufacturing processes, driving improvements in performance, quality, durability, and the exclusivity for which customers value us the most. We are constantly looking to push boundaries and set manufacturing benchmarks.

In line with our global vision of AI-powered automotive manufacturing, Mercedes-Benz India has embraced the use of data analytics. Our in-house Techlab.MO Accelerator has developed a data-driven ecosystem INSIGHTS which drives a highly efficient supply chain and satisfies customer needs with reduced waiting time for cars.

Technology Advancement in manufacturing equipment and processes helping us make our production lines highly flexible which can host various car models and drive trains of ICE and EV helping us with faster time to market.

At Mercedes-Benz India, innovation is cutting across manufacturing processes as well as empowering human skills. This futuristic workplace has the presence of collaborative robots (cobots) which operate in a highly automised manufacturing environment along with highly skilled people.

The evolving technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are leveraged at our training centres to seamlessly facilitate knowledge transfer globally. "These innovations underscore Mercedes-Benz's commitment to cutting edge technology which is focused on sustainable improvement and guides a long-term development of manufacturing ecosystem."


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