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E for Excitement!

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 19 February 2019

It is really exciting to be a part of this global revolution in the transportation industry, says Chandan Mundhra, Chairman & MD, Savë Electric Vehicle

How's been the journey so far for Savë?
The idea of Savë germinated in 2013 and since then started taking shape. It has been a very satisfying as well as exciting journey so far and we are very optimistic about the future.

What's the thought behind the name ‘Savë'?
Savë (pronounced Savee) stands for Save-environment.

How does it feel to be in your position given the excitement and buzz around the electric vehicles segment?
It is really exciting to be a part of this global revolution in the transportation industry. The most interesting thing is mass scale adoption of commercial electric vehicles in India (Passenger & Cargo) as well as the government's initiative in adopting it for its various applications. This certainly fuels our optimism!

How has been the overall market for you in terms of business in the last one year?
Our marketing strategy is B2B and B2G focused right now and are making effort in creating a market in the goods cargo space, which is unexplored. Growth is good; scopes which are unlocking gradually are quite promising. Earlier, E-Rickshaw was the only electric vehicle that people could relate with but now after seeing its use in various applications people have started thinking about it as a much more useful vehicle.

Tell us about your overall manufacturing capabilities and capacities.
Currently, ours is a tool-room type production facility with an annual production capacity of 600-800 vehicles. Mass manufacturing unit is under setup and will have the capacity to manufacture 6000-7000 vehicles per annum.

Tell us about your R&D set up.
We are associated with Marutee Design & Engineering Pvt Ltd., Bangalore for design and development of our products, along with a small in-house team as well as a few other associations.

How good is the revised FAME scheme for encouraging manufacturers to take up electric vehicles?
The revised FAME scheme is encouraging. Covering E-Rickshaw & E-Cart will further add to a substantial increase in number of EVs on roads.

Tell us about Savë Electric Vehicle's overall product portfolio as of now.
We specialize in customized electric vehicles (3 wheelers and Campus Carts). Our regular products are i) ElecTruck ® - Goods transport vehicles ii) TukTuk-E: Passenger transport vehicle, and iii) Classis Cart: Electric Four wheeled vehicle for campuses, universities etc. At present, our eAuto is under development. It will be available for both applications (Passenger & Goods).

What is Savë's current annual turnover?
We are having a revenue of around Rs.3 crore to Rs.3.5 crore in the B2B segment. We will start our distribution channel by mid-2019. Our target is to have around 8000-9000 vehicles on the road in the next three years. 


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