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Bodor showcases cutting-edge laser machines at IMTEX

By Staff Writer ,

Added 15 February 2024

BODOR, a manufacturer of fibre laser sheet metal cutting machines, recently participated in the IMTEX FORMING 2024 exhibition, where they showcased their product range. In a conversation with Murali J, the Sales Manager at BODOR, he highlighted their focus on high-power laser machines, specifically those in the 30-kilowatt range and their expansion plans.

How does BODOR use platforms like IMTEX for business growth?

IMTEX serves as a crucial advertising medium for BODOR. The exhibition provides a platform to showcase machines, invite customers, demonstrate products, and engage technically with potential clients. What makes IMTEX the most preferred exhibition is that it brings together machine manufacturers worldwide to display their products, allowing Indian customers to explore and purchase machines as per their specific requirements.

Tell us about the new products that you have inaugurated at IMTEX 2024. How will these products benefit the Indian market?

We have displayed five laser machines, including three sheet metal cutting machines, one pipe cutting machine, and one laser welding machine. The highlight is a 30-kilowatt machine with a bed size of 6,500mm x 2,500mm, demonstrating the capability to cut higher-thickness plates of up to 80mm (mild steel), 110mm (stainless steel), 45mm (aluminum), and35mm brass.

Could you elaborate on how sustainable and environmentally friendly BODOR's laser-cutting machines are?

Our machines are environmentally friendly. Compared to traditional methods like plasma cutting and gas-cutting machines, particularly fibre lasers, generate less smoke. Our machines ensure less environmental impact by using dust collectors to arrest smoke and dust particles.

What can we expect in terms of future product innovations and technological advancements?

We have already launched a 60-kilowatt machine, which is operational in China and a few other locations. In the future, the possibility of launching 40-kilowatt or 60-kilowatt machines in the upcoming IMTEX exhibition is very high. We are also looking at developing and launching a 5-axis Laser soon.

What are BODOR's expansion plans for India, considering the increasing number of companies entering the Indian market?

We constantly study the market and adapt our product offerings based on Indian customer's requirements. The company strives to improve its products year after year. While there are no specific plans for expansion, we as a company prefer to focus on enhancing its product range in response to market demands.

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