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Mobil elevates India's machining sector with quality lubricants

By Shantanu Sharma, General Manager – Brand Marketing South AP, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd.,

Added 20 December 2023

As a leading lubrication provider, Mobil™ is collaborating closely with businesses in the machining sector to help them mitigate operational challenges and achieve greater efficiency with the adoption of best-in-class lubrication solutions.

India's aluminium sector is a vital part of the country's growing economy, with substantial production capacity and a significant role in supporting ancillary industries. India is the fourth-largest producer of aluminium in the world, accounting for approximately 5.3 per cent of global aluminium output. Furthermore, the rise in infrastructure development and automotive production is encouraging growth in this sector. The Indian aluminum sector is expected to expand, driven by increased demand from sectors like automotive, construction, and packaging.

Lubricants are of paramount importance in the aluminium industry, playing a multifaceted role in enhancing both efficiency and productivity. In the various processes involved in aluminium production, such as extrusion, rolling, forging, and machining, metal surfaces often encounter friction, leading to wear, increased energy consumption, and decreased productivity

As a leading lubrication provider, MobilTM is collaborating closely with businesses in the sector to help them mitigate operational challenges and achieve greater efficiency with the adoption of best-in-class lubrication solutions.

Partnerships for progress

Mobil recently partnered with a leading aluminium manufacturing company based in Tollygunge, Kolkata. For its day-to-day operations, the company has been utilising several high-quality precision machines, including an advanced VMC from a well-known EB. However, the equipment faced challenges such as a high rejection rate of finished products and reduced shelf life. These issues significantly impacted resource utilisation and profitability.

Seeking solutions, the company reached out to Mobil's Field Engineering Services (FES) team. After a comprehensive assessment of their application and maintenance practises, the FES team recommended the adoption of the MobilcutTM 250 along with the MobilTM Solcare Service app for enhanced machining and increased production.

The transition to Mobilcut 250 and thorough monitoring with the Mobil Solcare Service app brought significant improvements to the company's operations. It boosted profitability, reduced exposure time by 150 hours, improved environmental sustainability by saving 80 litres, and increased revenue by Rs 75,000. This change also led to fewer rejected finished products, an extended shelf life, and enhanced productivity.

Driving lubrication innovation

The Mobilcut 250 comes with a unique additive package, which makes it the first choice for precision machining and consistent, high-quality manufacturing. It is a high-performance, versatile semi-synthetic water-soluble metalworking fluid designed for a broad range of metals used in cutting and grinding operations. It forms a fine milky emulsion and can be used on aluminium alloys, steel alloys, and other metals for grinding, turning, drilling, milling, tapping, and reaming operations.

It is a part of the acclaimed MobilcutTM Series, which includes Mobil's line of high-performance water-miscible metal removal fluids. Formulated with leading edge-base oils, additives, and emulsifiers, the Mobilcut Series provides dependable performance in a wide array of metal removal processes. Low-maintenance and inherently stable, Mobilcut products are designed for the modern machine shop, where long service life, excellent machining performance, and health and environmental concerns are important factors for increased productivity.

Further, in today's machine tool sector, services are playing a crucial role in ensuring continued success. Here, Mobil has set industry-leading standards by implementing advanced digital solutions to streamline equipment monitoring and enhance efficiency. The Mobil Solcare Service app has been instrumental in addressing customer challenges through continuous real-time monitoring, easy data access, trendline insights, and open communication. The app's paperless reporting reduces environmental impact while automating paperwork and providing comprehensive data access to assist engineers in staying informed, scheduling tasks, generating instant reports, and evaluating performance.

scheduling tasks, generating instant reports, and evaluating performance.

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