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The vital role of efficient CNG compressors in CNG station operations: exploring the DODO scheme

By Sachin Sawant, Business Line Manager, Chicago Pneumatic Compressors,

Added 21 June 2024

Efficient CNG compressors are essential for the optimal operation of CNG stations, ensuring fast, safe, and energy-efficient refuelling. The article sheds light on how Dealer Owned and Dealer Operated (DODO) scheme enhances these benefits by empowering local dealers, improving accountability, and boosting customer satisfaction.

In the realm of alternative fuels, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has emerged as a viable and eco-friendly option, gaining popularity globally as a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels. However, the efficiency and reliability of CNG stations heavily rely on one crucial component - the compressor.

The importance of efficient CNG compressors:

Fuel Dispensing: Compressors play a pivotal role in dispensing CNG to vehicles. They are responsible for compressing natural gas to high pressures, enabling efficient refuelling within a short period. An inefficient compressor can lead to slow refuelling, causing inconvenience to customers and hampering the overall throughput of the CNG station.

Safety: The safety of CNG operations hinges on the reliability of compressors. Properly functioning compressors ensure that CNG is dispensed at the required pressure levels, minimising the risk of leaks or accidents. A malfunctioning compressor can compromise the integrity of the dispensing process, posing potential hazards to both personnel and customers.

Energy Efficiency: Efficient compressors contribute to the energy efficiency of CNG stations by minimising energy wastage during the compression process. By employing advanced technologies and optimal design configurations, modern compressors can achieve higher compression ratios while consuming less power. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainability objectives by conserving energy resources.

Maintenance and Downtime: Investing in high-quality, efficient compressors can significantly reduce maintenance requirements and downtime for CNG stations. Robust compressors with minimal maintenance needs ensure uninterrupted operations, enhancing the overall reliability and availability of refuelling services for customers.

How the DODO scheme is beneficial for the industry:

The Dealer Owned and Dealer-operated (DODO) scheme presents a novel approach to CNG station management, offering several benefits for both dealers and consumers alike.

Enhanced Accountability: Under the DODO scheme, dealers have a direct stake in the performance and profitability of the CNG station. This fosters a sense of accountability and ownership, incentivising dealers to invest in top-notch infrastructure, including efficient compressors, to ensure optimal operations.

Local Expertise: Dealer-operated CNG stations benefit from the expertise and familiarity of local dealers with the surrounding community. Dealers are more attuned to the needs and preferences of customers, enabling them to tailor services and address specific challenges more effectively.

Streamlined Operations: By entrusting operations to dealers, CNG station management can be streamlined, leading to improved efficiency and responsiveness. Dealers can leverage their local networks and resources to promptly address maintenance issues, manage inventory, and optimise workflow, resulting in smoother operations.

Customer Satisfaction: The DODO scheme emphasises customer-centricity, empowering dealers to prioritise customer satisfaction and service quality. With direct control over operations, dealers can implement customer-friendly policies, such as extended operating hours, expedited refuelling, and enhanced facility amenities, enhancing the overall refuelling experience.

Efficient compressors form the backbone of CNG station operations, facilitating safe, reliable, and energy efficient refuelling services. The adoption of the Dealer Owned and Dealer-operated (DODO) scheme further augments operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by empowering local dealers to take ownership of CNG station management. By investing in advanced compressor technology and embracing innovative management approaches, the CNG industry can continue to thrive while promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

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