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Make in India and Make in India for the World

By Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Tata Hitachi,

Added 26 February 2024

The article delves into how the ‘Make in India’ initiative has motivated the construction equipment industry to focus on localisation and indigenous technologies and pans on Tata Hitachi’s efforts in bringing advanced high-end technology into India while integrating cutting-edge international technology.

The "Make in India" initiative stands as a pivotal government endeavour aimed at bolstering the nation's domestic production capabilities across various industries and skill sets. Its primary objective is to facilitate the creation of high-quality products intended for both the domestic market and exportation. This initiative plays a crucial role in fostering the expansion and advancement of the manufacturing sector, a critical factor in stimulating employment opportunities and maintaining a balanced trade profile.

Today, India stands poised with immense potential to emerge as the global manufacturing hub. With a rich reservoir of skilled manpower, cuttingedge technology, and multifaceted capabilities, the nation holds the key to significantly augmenting its stake in the global market. It's imperative for the entire industry to transcend conventional boundaries and broaden their perspectives. Positioning India as the premier destination to serve as the world's workroom demands a collective shift in mindset. By leveraging our expertise, engineering skills, technological prowess, and skilled workforce, India can chart a transformative course in the global manufacturing landscape, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for exponential growth and leadership on the world stage.

Construction Equipment (CE) manufacturing in India has come a long way from being largely imported (in the early to late nineties) to a large part being manufactured locally to cater to the evolving customer requirements and tough local operating conditions. The government's ‘Make in India' program and mission have certainly motivated the CE industry to focus on localisation and indigenise technologies in the last several years.

From Backhoe Loaders to Mobile Cranes and Excavators, ‘Make in India' now caters to most of the CE market comprising Compacting Equipment, Drills, Crushers, Concrete Equipment, Batching Plants, Pavers, Graders, Mining Dumpers, and Crawler Cranes, among others. ‘Make in India' has further been supported by the sustained growth of Indian Infrastructure investment over the last decade leading to increasing volumes.

It is worth mentioning here that we, at Tata Hitachi, have been at the forefront of this journey of Aatmanirbharta for over six decades of our incorporation. As we were the first to bring hydraulic excavator technology into India through our collaboration with our principal, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Japan, and in partnership with them have constantly sought to bring in advanced high-end technology into India, and at the same time fostering high levels of indigenisation of the same.

Tata Hitachi has manufacturing facilities in Kharagpur and Dharwad. Both the Plants have the latest technology in CNC machining centres, Robotic centres, and a wide range of fixtures and manipulators for manufacturing world-class products. The facilities available are supported by highly skilled manpower to produce components and machines of the highest quality catering to Indian and International customers.

Speaking of the international market, several OEMs, including Tata Hitachi, manufacture and export a wide variety of Construction Equipment to the Global markets ranging from the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia as well as far as Europe, Latin America, and North America. The industry association, Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (ICEMA), is also closely working with the government to encourage increased investment in manufacturing. The idea is to further enhance global competitiveness by increasing localisation of critical components to the benefit of the country's economy from exports, as well as to enhance employment opportunities.

ployment opportunities. In this direction of Aatmanirbharta, Tata Hitachi has been a trusted partner in India's growth story, ever since the increased emphasis on infrastructure and mining sectors. Our guiding principle and motto, "Chalo Desh Banaye," epitomise Tata Hitachi's unwavering commitment to nation-building. Central to this ethos is our dedication to furnishing customers with unparalleled equipment and support solutions that are both dependable and pioneering.

Tata Hitachi is steadfast in its mission to enhance localisation efforts while integrating cutting-edge international technology. A recent testament to this commitment is the unveiling of our domestically engineered state-of-the-art E Electric Excavator at EXCON 2023—an accomplishment marking India's inaugural fully indigenous electric excavator design. In line with our ethos and the spirit of Aatmanirbharta, we persist in introducing next-generation machinery tailored to evolving needs and advancements. Our objective remains steadfast: to provide the most cost-effective, high-performance, and dependable products and solutions, aligned with the ethos of self-reliance, while continuously striving to meet the emerging requirements of our customers.

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