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Over 400 attend Haas Demo Days in Nashik

Published : 10, Jun 2014

More than 400 customers visited the recent Haas Demo Days held at the Nashik Engineering Cluster, Ambad, hosted by Haas Factory Outlet - A division of CNC Servicing and Solutions.

Direct clamping with a membrane

Published : 10, Jun 2014

SCHUNK has developed the SPM plus 138 fixture membranes made of aluminium, where work pieces of various clamping geometries are clamped from all sides with a pull-down effect.


High speed contact scanning system

Published : 10, May 2014

What if you could deploy high spindle speeds for all your machining in the shop floor without changing your machines or adding to your capex?!


ALC technology for optimised laser cutting

Published : 10, Apr 2014

ALC does not rely on pre-defined parameters but measures and adapts in process to achieve the best cutting results.


IPad App for effective shopfloor communication

Published : 10, Apr 2014

VERICUT’s simulation moves according to the NC code the same as the CNC machine, so virtual machining exactly mimics real machining.

CNC gantry routers fitted with chip guards as standard

Published : 10, Apr 2014

Designed to keep operators and moving components apart, the concept for the travelling guard is simple: chips and coolant inside, people outside!


Optimised servo drive system for motion control applications

Published : 10, Apr 2014

The drive and the motor together form an optimised servo drive system for positioning, speed and torque control.