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Performance, Precision, Reliability and Affordability

By Guest Author,

Added 19 November 2017

The HAAS VF-I series delivers it all and more for SAHNEY KIRKWOOD

Sahney Kirkwood, manufacturer of electrical insulation products, located in Nasik, are the proud owners of Haas VF-2-I and VF-4-I vertical machining centres with India Value Package.  Many optional advanced features available in VF-2 and VF-4 come standard with VF-2-I and VF-4-I. It was a natural choice.

Sahney Kirkwood an export oriented unit started in Nasik, in 1984. They manufacture mica-based Electrical insulators, for the traction industry. Their main customers are locomotive manufacturers and repair shops, spread across the US and Europe.

Sahney Kirkwood, Sahney Commutators, and Isovolta (India) are part of the Sahney group's engineering business. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company's customers are spread in 5 continents and in over 25 countries. Isovolta (India) is a JV with Isovolta AG of Austria, a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, technical laminates, and composites, having manufacturing facilities in 9 countries.

Sahney Kirkwood started as a Mica electrical insulation producer. It has machines like mica laying machines, pressing facilities, wide web grinders, shearing machines, cutting machines, forming, and moulding machines. Later, they ventured into pre-preging and started manufacturing industrial laminates for electrical Insulation. They machine composite materials and have a full-fledged CNC machine shop, along with some conventional machines. Currently, they are machining glass reinforced epoxy laminates, polyester based laminates, and silicon-based laminates.

Initiating the Journey with Haas

Amit Patil, G.M. Operations, Sahney Kirkwood Pvt. Ltd., said " Several years ago, we were in the market to buy a CNC machine and did a comparative analysis of Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, American, and European machines. When buying a CNC machine, our only constraint was size, as the raw material we use is in the shape of flat boards, which is loaded on to the machine. It was essential for us to have bigger table sizes. The ease of operating the machine was the next crucial factor for us while buying a CNC machine as we did not have expertise in CNC Machining technology".

They received very good feedback from their vendors about the quality of Haas machinery and their after-sales service. Also with Haas, they find it easy, as Haas has its own control & they have to coordinate with the same team for any queries. In 2012, they bought a Haas VF-3 Vertical Machining Center machine for manufacturing bigger parts & a Haas VF-2 to manufacture smaller components.

The company now has 7 CNC machines and 1 CNC Router.  All their CNC machines are from HAAS, which includes models like VF-2, VF-3, VF-4, and VF-5.

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