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New tools to simplify broaching applications

By Guest Author,

Added 08 October 2018

ISCAR engineers have developed a range of unique high precision tools for broaching applications of workpieces in small batches


Broaching is an application used for precision machining of many industrial part types. The most common applications of broaching are keyways and splines. ISCAR engineers have developed a range of unique high precision tools for broaching applications of workpieces in small batches.

Keyway grooves: Machining keyway grooves is becoming more prevalent in general engineering & applications in the  industries like automotive, heavy duty, gear, weapon & more. Keyway tool designs, when used with dedicated broaching machines, are designed for long production runs. The ISCARBROACH tools enable finishing a complete part which improves machining cycles and provides high quality solutions for small batches of parts. ISCAR's broaching tools can broach blind or through holes applications. The traditional production of blind keyholes involves expensive die sink (EDM) operations. With relief grooves or cross holes, blind keyways can be broached on a CNC machining center with ISCAR’s broaching tools. Besides solutions for machining the standard material groups, ISCAR’s broaching tool designs provide high accuracy and repeatability characteristics and allow keyway applications on difficult to machine materials such as titanium, Inconel and stainless steel.

Lathe/milling solutions: The growing demand for an appropriate solution to keyway grooves using a lathe/milling machine, has led ISCAR’s R&D engineers to develop a line of products for highly accurate broaching applications. ISCAR’s broaching line offers many advantages:

• Full machining process in a single clamping – ISCAR’s broaching line enables the machining of a complete part in a single clamping process, saving precious lead time
• High accuracy: Use of CNC lathe provides higher accuracy compared to the typical dedicated broaching machine
• Better surface finish – The CNC machine’s high stability results in better part surface finish
• Machining small batches – The ability to use a lathe eliminates any dependency on having to subcontract a project, which represents a significant advantage for small batch parts production
• Cost savings – While the traditional production of keyway grooves involve expensive EDM / wire cutting operations, ISCAR's broaching line offers a cheaper and faster solution for machining such grooves

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