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Clamping different geometries fast and flexibly

By Guest Author,

Added 07 July 2017

The jaw quick-change system allows fast, flexible and safe clamping.


Regardless of shape or size, the SCHUNK PRINTO prism jaws allow different geometries to be clamped fast, flexibly, and safely. The jaw quick-change system is unique in its kind. It can be retrofitted on any lathe chuck (no matter what manufacturer or design). It allows high flexibility and short set-up times of just 15 seconds for a complete set of jaws. The operator can mill the customised required workpiece contour into the soft SCHUNK PRONTO prism jaws himself. Alternatively, configured jaws, based on the workpiece data of the individual prism jaws can be machined and delivered by SCHUNK on short notice. For raw parts clamping, the prism jaws are additionally equipped with SCHUNK claw inserts.

Fast and precise jaw change
In combination with the SCHUNK PRONTO support jaws, SCHUNK PRONTO prism jaws can be used very flexibly. For a fast jaw change, all that is needed is loosen the locking is an Allen key, to remove the clamping insert from the prism jaw, and to replace it by another clamping insert. During jaw change an incorrect positioning on the serration can be prevented. Excellent repeat accuracy of 0.02 mm allows for less time reboring inserts and turned or milled clamping inserts can be used again. In the locked condition, a six-sided form-fit locking ensures maximum process stability and allows a high force and torque transmission.

Modular design for maximum efficiency
SCHUNK PRONTO supporting jaws are available in two mounting variants: fine-serrated (1/16’’ x 90° or 1,5 mm x 60°) for conventional lathe chucks, or with straight or angled serration for implementing the PRONTO system on modern quick-change chucks. The sup-porting jaws can be combined with different quick-change inserts, such as soft jaws, claw jaws, or prism jaws.

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