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Optimised servo drive system for motion control applications

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 10 April 2014

The drive and the motor together form an optimised servo drive system for positioning, speed and torque control.


Siemens Industry has launched the newly-developed SINAMICS V90 servo drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor for motion control applications. The drive and the motor together form an optimised servo drive system for positioning, speed and torque control. It not only provides a cost-effective solution but also shortens time-to-market with easy commissioning, thus improving customers’ competitiveness.

Cost-effective: Being a cost-effective product, SINAMICS V90 has various integrated control modes to address a wide range of applications such as pick & place, labeling, horizontal packaging, printing etc. It also finds use in winders and unwinders and automatic assembly machines. Point-to-point positioning is possible by using a basic PLC without a positioning functionality. With integrated braking resistor for all frame sizes, most applications can be realized without an additional braking resistor.

Optimised servo performance: SINAMICS V90 enables the machine to achieve a high dynamic performance and smooth operation through automatically optimised control loop parameters. Presence of 1 MHz pulse train setpoint and 20-bit encoder resolution enables the system to reach high positioning accuracy. The 300 percent overload capacity of the drive and motor along with fast acceleration and braking ensures high productivity for customers’ machines.

Easy to use: SINAMICS V-Assistant, an optimised, standalone, graphic configuration software tool makes commissioning and diagnostics quick and easy. This tool performs parameter settings, jogging, trouble shooting and monitoring. Standard interface makes it easy to couple the drive with PLCs and motion controllers.

Reliable operation: PCB coating on the SINAMICS V90 and high quality bearings of SIMOTICS S-1FL6 ensures a high robustness of the drive system, thus enabling them to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The integrated safety function STO (safe toque off) prevents the motor from unexpected movement; thereby ensuring safety of both machines and employees.

SINAMICS and SIMOTICS form an integral part of Siemens Integrated Drive Systems. Drive Technology based on Integrated Drive Systems ensures maximum productivity, energy-efficiency, and reliability in any automation environment and throughout the lifecycle.

More information available at:

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