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Loom Solar launches India’s most efficient solar panels

By Rahul Kamat,

Added 25 August 2021

Shark series with capacities to up to 440 W & 530 W creates a new benchmark for the Indian solar industry



Loom Solar launched India’s most efficient solar panels. The introduction of revolutionising super high-efficiency products under Loom Solar’s ‘Shark’ series with a single panel capacity of up to 440 watt & 530 watt sets a new benchmark for the Indian solar industry.

Shark series by loom Solar, comes with Pure Mono PERC solar technology - with 144 Solar cells, nine bus bars, which makes them one of the world's most advanced technological products. The Shark series is backed by 6th Generation Monocrystalline Solar Cell (PID FREE) and has two variants - Shark 440 W– Mono PERC and Shark Bi-facial 440-530 W.

In comparison to existing technologies, the efficiency of Shark series is 20-30 per cent higher and the Shark Bi-facial panels utilise both sides to generate power, to further raise the efficiency with the help of reflective surfaces like white paint, RCC roof and the installed height of 1.5 meters from the base.


Shark Bi-Facial, by Loom Solar also helps in 33 per cent saving of rooftop space with respect to existing technologies, thereby, the same space can be utilised for any other purpose or may enhance the overall capacity. This shall help households who have limited spaces including high-rise apartments.

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