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Zero Compromise!

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 01 November 2017

Whether it is product, processes or practices, Videocon makes no compromise in achieving or maintaining it, says Abhijit Kotnis, the Company’s Chief Manufacturing and Sourcing officer.


First of all, congratulations on bagging the second position at the prominent State Level Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management for your Aurangabad plant. Tell us about the different initiatives taken by the plant.
Being an indigenous manufacturer, all Videocon products are manufactured with-in the country at our state of the art manufacturing facilities located across India. Being a responsible Indian corporate, we ensure that all sustainable practices are followed across our manufacturing units.
With backward integration capabilities in all our product categories, we are able to reduce costs and pass on the benefits to our customers. This is further enhanced with steps such as localisation of all the components and parts across our product portfolio, focus on raw material cost reduction, workforce and productivity enhancement and optimization.
Moreover, Videocon ensures that our products pass through stringent rules to achieve the highest quality standards. This is reflected in our BEE ratings depicting high energy efficiency abilities. To give an example, Videocon’s entire AC portfolio has been updated and comprises of 3 stars and 5 stars models only. When it comes to manufacturing, quality assurance and safety standards is our top priority. Through years of experience, we have been able to inculcate an innovation mindset across our employees. This helps us to generate ideas and come up with cost effective solutions.

How difficult is it to find the balance between addressing diverse consumer demands with the environmental cause?
At Videocon, it has been always our endeavour to bring products that are technologically innovative and at the same time, eco-friendly. Videocon is committed to green initiatives, and we have established a green management goal for significantly reducing greenhouse gases and manufacturing eco-friendly products.
Our Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner that utilises solar energy to operate, is one such exemplary product. Moreover, all are products are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), which makes sure that no harmful substance is present in any electronic equipment and form. Further in addition, our manufacturing units have been upgraded with eco-friendly refrigerants.
Further, we fully comply with the E-waste rules and regulations set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India. There has been a conscious decision to have sustainable practices such as installation of grey water treatment plant, upgradation of effluent treatment, sewage treatment, and using the treated water for gardening. We ensure that we celebrate World Environment Day with our employees in great enthusiasm, to make each member understand the importance of safeguarding the environment, and have them be a part of Videocon’s green drive.

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