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ACE List 2018 - Jan-Oliver Roehrl, Chief Technology Officer and Director, Bosch Ltd

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 20 August 2018

Leading auto components manufacturers'journey towards excellence.


Bosch is one of the leading auto component manufacturers in India. But how does the company look at the Indian market? Speaking on this, Jan-Oliver Roehrl, Chief Technology Officer and Director, Bosch Ltd. mentions, “The Indian market holds incredible potential for Bosch. It is predicted that by 2025, the Indian auto-components industry will become the third largest in the world. According to a global report the Automobile sales in India including passenger and commercial vehicles, grew by 9.5 percent last year. Bosch is thus preparing to benefit from the globalisation of the sector, with another key highlight being that its export potential can be increased by up to four times, to USD 40 billion by 2020. India has also recently overtaken Germany to become the fourth largest automotive market in the world. The Central Government’s plan to have 30 percent of India’s mobility fleet to comprise of electric vehicles by 2030 is a notable one in the market.”

He further ads, “Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) will face major disruptions in the next few years, but they will still continue to be the major components of automobiles. We believe the co-existence of fossil fuel engines and electrification with hybridization is an interim solution.”

Riding high on growth
Elaborating on the company’s performance, Roehrl says, “Bosch Ltd. witnessed growth of 17.8 percent in its mobility business in Q3 2017-18. In this domain, Powertrain Solutions have been the key performing business unit. For the automotive sector, Bosch has always been providing cutting edge technologies such as the introduction of electronic fuel injection equipment, connected mobility, automated driving, solutions for traffic problems and electrified cycling, to name a few. The company remains in pursuit of developing advanced technologies suitable for the Indian automotive market, including the electrification of the Powertrain and building strategic partnerships with OEMs for localized solutions. With changes in emission norms altering the market scenario, Bosch will continue to play a vital role in this space.”

Revealing his plans for the current year, he says, “In the current financial year, Bosch will continue to move forward with its transformation into a provider of mobility services.

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