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Ensuring precision

By Guest Author,

Added 25 February 2016

A tier one auto component supplier uses machine tool probes for precision metrology in the manufacturing of forged wheel and car chassis to meet quality requirements for the European car market


The automotive industry is fiercely competitive. Tier-one car manufacturers are constantly looking for breakthroughs in areas such as performance, safety and innovative design, all of which places ever stricter requirements on the processing of metal components. SuperAlloy Industrial Company Ltd. (SAI) is a supplier of high-quality lightweight forged metal products.

The forged wheel and car chassis components SAI produces are used by the world’s top car manufacturers, thanks to the company’s insistence on premium quality and precision manufacturing. Renishaw machine tool probe systems, including the OLP40, RMP60, OMP60, and the NC4, are a perfect match for SAI, allowing SAI, assisted by Renishaw, to make great progress on the route to high end precision manufacturing.

SAI’s relationship with Renishaw began with CMM measurement. Dr Henry Shih, CEO of SAI, explains: “When we entered the European market in 2008, we realised that our high-end car manufacturer clients’ quality, dimensional stability and precision requirements for metal products were extremely high. While our equipment at the time was able to meet their volume requirements, we needed to enhance product quality and reduce the amount of rework and corrections during processing so as to achieve high quality levels.

"Through Renishaw, we discovered machine tool probe measurement solutions that could deliver in-process measurement control and real-time data feedback on our existing CNC machines, thereby providing effective precision manufacturing control. This was a massive help in terms of increasing production efficiency and precision.”

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