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Scheme for FAME vehicles launched

Published : 9, Apr 2015

Based on NEMMP-2020, this is an attempt to find alternate sources of energy for transport that are eco-friendly yet cost-effective


Steel companies collaborate with the Ministry for setting up SRTMI

Published : 7, Apr 2015

It aims at increasing investment on research and development in the steel sector from a current 0.2-0.3 per cent of turnover to the international benchmark of 1-2 per cent of turnover....


Toshiba reinforces initiatives towards a hydrogen economy

Published : 7, Apr 2015

Opens hydrogen energy research and development center at Fuchu Complex with the aim to establish a hydrogen supply chain by 2025


SABIC reveals innovative thermoplastic roof fairing concept

Published : 1, Apr 2015

It is aerodynamically optimised to deflect air by accelerating airflow through and across the top and sides of the part.


Toshiba starts mass production of full HD CMOS image sensor for industrial use

Published : 31, Mar 2015

It produces crisper images when recording high contrast subjects


Tata Steel plant in Germany halves energy costs

Published : 24, Mar 2015

Cuts emissions of CO2 by almost 50%


Ratan Tata to head Railways' ‘Kayakulp’ Council

Published : 19, Mar 2015

Council to recommend innovative methods and processes for improvement and transformation.


Will 'Make in India' work? - By Ajay S Shriram, Immediate Past President CII; and Chairman & Sr. MD, DCM Shriram Ltd

Published : 8, Jan 2015

Let’s get our act together, let’s create employment, let’s use our youth and let’s get millions out of poverty, the time starts now!


Corporate Business Excellence - Bringing out the best in Manufacturing

Published : 7, Jan 2015

The Aditya Birla Group has adopted Corporate Business Excellence (CBE) in its quest to become global and achieve a common language of excellence.


Siemens wins recognition for its India made motors

Published : 16, Oct 2014

Awarded for the Indian region in the First Ever Global Efficiency Medal Competition for Super-Efficient Electric Motors.