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Well-cooked success!

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 14 December 2017

The cookware market is exploding with innovation, need for enhanced convenience in the household is driving the rapidly growing demand, says Sunil Agrawal, Director - Vinod Cookware.


Vinod Cookware was established in the year 1986 with a single product. How’s been the journey since then and are you satisfied with it?
Vinod Cookware has been in the market for more than two decades. It was set up with a vision to mitigate the daily struggle and challenges faced by housewives in traditional Indian Kitchens. Determined to provide innovative kitchen solutions, our products help to uplift the methods of working in a kitchen, which has helped us to build an instant connect with homemakers of all ages.
Today, after a decade’s experience and with a repertoire of over 400 products spread across four different categories, Vinod Cookware is established as one of the most preferred names in Indian as well as global markets. We have been successful in striking the right chord with consumers and are one of the most desirable brands in the cookware industry, standing strong at number three position in the country. Our devotion towards revolutionising kitchens, with quality and innovative products, continues and we at Vinod firmly believe in ‘Jo bhi ho Khana, Vinod mein hi Pakana’.
Indeed, the journey is the most satisfying not just to us but also to the consumers who have bought an entire bouquet of products in their kitchens with the latest in technology, longer life span and affordable prices. At every step, there has been a learning not just for technology and innovation but also with regards to adaptation to changing consumer preferences. We challenge you -There won’t be a single Home without Vinod Cookware!

How has the industry and the market evolved over the same time?
Cookware industry in India has received a major boom in the scenario and is fast growing. The industry is pegged to grow at around 21 percent; some of the key drivers which shall build the segment can be understood as follows. The cookware market is exploding with innovation, need for enhanced convenience in the household is driving the rapidly growing demand.
The increased purchasing power and evolving lifestyle has made the market extremely attractive. Due to high degree of urbanisation, proliferation of nuclear families and technological advancement, there have been far-reaching changes in the nature of cookware products, overall the Indian markets have evolved over the years. All these factors combined builds a humongous potential for the market along with infinite opportunities to expand and serve numerous consumers.
Technological advancements in any particular field too plays a vital role for its survival and cookware industry is no different. Technology has played an essential role helping us reach beyond the conventional boundaries.
With every passing era, there are new set of products making an entry in the market. It all started with Non-stick cookware and fifty years later, the cookware market furthermore keeps on developing. To summarize, the cookware industry has become more like the technology market. Every now and then there is a new innovation, a new update or a new launch seeking public attention at its best, expanding the industry as never before. 

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