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Optimised servo drive system for motion control applications

The drive and the motor together form an optimised servo drive system for positioning, speed and torque control.


Robotic brain improves uptime

An upgrade to a newer version of ABB’s robot controller—the robot’s ‘brain’—has led to key improvements in failure risk, maintenance and spare part utilisation for Kia Motors’ large manufacturing plant in Hwasung, South Korea.


High speed contact scanning system

What if you could deploy high spindle speeds for all your machining in the shop floor without changing your machines or adding to your capex?!


Timing belt in oil reduces friction and noise

ContiTech developers are already considering whether to use a timing belt to drive balance shafts and make spur gears superfluous. Their focus is on unconventional yet safe solutions, such as the timing-belt-in-oil system


Building partnerships

Through events like Demo Day and HaasTec, Haas Automation India is engaging with its customers closely to exchange ideas and technology, says Terrence Miranda, its Managing Director


In favour of Quality

Why are Steel Associations and Federations opposing proposed Quality Control Order? asks Mohan Gurnani, President of Federation of Associations of Maharashtra & Chairman of The Bombay Sugar Merchant Association Ltd.


Intelligent tool holder management

Every tool holder can be reliably identified with the help of a code.


Playing the entire ‘piano’

Plant heads have to be all-rounders to be successful, believes Harald Friedrich, Plant Manager, Bangalore & Head of Operations India, Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Versatile construction kit for robotics

At this year’s Automatica in Munich, igus presented its innovations, which move robots reliably and extend their service lives.