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Boeing forecasts demand for 1,740 new airplanes in India

20-year Current Market Outlook shows strong market valued at $240 billion


BMW draws on digitalization to advance production network

Digitalization opens up new perspectives with regard to the advancement of innovative and people-oriented production systems.


Manufacturing by Digitisation

Digitisation of manufacturing can help companies cut their operational costs by 30 percent. By Ramesh Chandra


CEOs globally expect rise in hiring over next 3 years

Are increasingly concerned about product relevance, customer loyalty & keeping current with new technologies, according to new KPMG CEO Outlook Study


'Online' of Defence

According to the data available, compared to the all-industry average, the manufacturing sector reported more incidents involving denial of service attacks and cyber-espionage. This is how you can defend. By Ashish Thapar


Innovate or perish

Globally manufacturers know that investing into breakthrough technologies is a ‘must do’ long-term strategy with more than two-thirds of respondents confirming they are focused on long-term innovation strategies. By Jeff Dobbs and S.V. Sukumar...


Key to success

Succeeding in the ‘Make in India’ environment will also require that we look beyond the shopfloor and take a supply chain view of the business. By Alagu Balaraman


Building tomorrow’s manufacturer

The factory of the future will be more capital efficient and flexible. Updates from product design teams will be introduced more quickly, and customisations incorporated more easily. By Harsh Marwah, Country Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions,...


Blisk Machining

The efficient machining of Blisk (bladed disk) often made from exotic alloy materials is becoming a focal point for project planning with a wide range of potential methods and combinations thereof available.