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A tool in cost optimisation

Published : 8, Sep 2014

As technological advancements continue to pervade manufacturing processes, eSourcing has become the go-to method to increase efficiency in the chain. - By Chirag Shah


Embracing the Customer Lifecycle - Facebook India

Published : 9, Sep 2014

Automotive companies must embrace the new targeting tools to help them understand where people are in their customer lifecycle. - By Kirthiga Reddy


Trends accelerating cloud adoption

Published : 15, Sep 2014

The overall cloud awareness and readiness has improved and the manufacturing industry is responding by building a just-in-time technology foundation based on public and private clouds. - By Prashant Gupta


Enabling the next growth wave - By Cognizant

Published : 8, Sep 2014

Enterprise systems are fast becoming table stakes, so the next big push would be to exploit convergence of social and mobile technologies for customer data and sensory data. - By Prasad Satyavolu and Badrinath Setlur


The new age enabler

Published : 7, Sep 2014

The emergence of new age technologies specifically SMAC will further add to the transformation of the manufacturing sector. - By Ramesh Subramanian


EOLAB – towards ultra-low fuel consumption

Published : 17, Sep 2014

With 1 litre/100km*, EOLAB is a showcase for Renault’s innovations in favour of the environment and rises to the challenge of ultralow fuel consumption.


A new world of opportunities

Published : 7, Sep 2014

The Global Manufacturing Leadership Program aims to build a robust leadership pipeline, says HR Shashikant, Group Executive President, Group HR, Aditya Birla Group.


Strong growth ahead

Published : 10, Oct 2014

According to a recent Roland Berger study, the SCV segment will continue to grow at a CAGR of 13 percent till 2020 and reach a staggering volume of 919 k units by then. - By Dr. Wilfried Aulbur