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Innovator of the Year award

By Guest Author,

Added 13 November 2017

in the electromechanics category for its ix Industrial connector


DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK had announced the "Innovator of the Year" competition in a total of eight categories (electromechanics, digital technology, chip production, analogue technology, measurement technology, optoelectronics, passive components, and services). Over 1,500 readers participated in the online voting.

The award was accepted by Kilian Schmale, Head of Industry Segment Management & Marketing, and Jonas Diekmann, Technical Editor (both from the subsidiary HARTING Electronics). "We’re pleased with this award. The ix Industrial® is the new standard interface for our customers’ Ethernet applications when it comes to industrial automation, transportation and building cabling," Schmale said. "Cables and connectors must be smaller, more powerful, and at the same time more robust," added Diekmann.

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