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BASF’s Dahej site certified for producing sustainable oil palm products

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 23 June 2017

Helps further strengthen operations network


Comprehensive RSPO-certified product portfolio for personal care

BASF is one of the largest global manufacturers of ingredients for cosmetic products, detergents and cleaning agents as well as food performance ingredients. For the manufacture of these products, mainly palm kernel oil and its derivatives and to a lesser extent palm oil, are used. Certification according to the RSPO Mass Balance Module allows the mixing of certified sustainable oil palm products with non-certified products. The Mass Balance supply chain administratively monitors the trade of RSPO certified palm oil and its derivatives throughout the entire supply chain, as a driver for mainstream trade in sustainable palm oil.

In the past year, BASF globally has doubled its sales of products based on certified palm kernel oil. BASF processed a total of 508,000 tons of palm-based raw materials in 2016. BASF is thus one of the largest processors of palm products worldwide.


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