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Delivering engineering excellence

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 30 June 2018

There is a great push from the Indian government to position the country as a low cost, high quality aerospace manufacturing hub and accelerate R&D services through new policy initiatives, says Steve Gerber, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Accounts, QuEST Global


How do you perceive the role of SMEs in India’s aerospace industry? Which are the areas that they need to focus on to become successful in this highly demanding industry?
SMEs play a big role in developing innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the aerospace industry. With India having a large pool of highly skilled and experienced SMEs in the aerospace sector, QuEST leverages local SMEs as a part of its local global model.
We often hire engineers with customer product and process experience to provide a cost effective speedy solution.  This approach is a differentiator for QuEST and results in a much faster ramp up to value as well as high quality deliverables from the earliest part of the engagement.
SMEs that have ambition to make a bigger mark in the industry must increase capabilities in digital technologies, supply chain and aftermarket services.

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