“New model for Tap Flute Grinding application”


Tool grinding technologies Inc. has introduced new model for
Tap Flute Grinding application. V2 Advanced Futura (tap Flute
Grinding) 5 Axes CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder gives better solution
for Taps manufacturers, when they have mass volumes to be manufactured. With present Tap manufacturing, Flute grinding would be the bottle neck as grinding flutes will be difficult for achieving higher quantity and higher surface finish.

Axes Configuration
V2 Advanced Futura (tap Flute Grinding) 5 Axes CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder is configured with 3 Linear Axes and 2 Rotary Axes. With Satellite Type mounting for 3 Linear Axes, Carbide intervention is fully avoided and Provides higher ball screw durability and long term precision. 2 Rotary Axes are configured with Direct Drive Torque motor for eliminating backlash errors.

Internal Diamond Dresser and Automation
This machine also comes with Internal Diamond Dresser which enables regular interval of Dressing for grinding wheels and also different radius in the wheels can be dressed by programming.
This enables in reducing cycle time in manufacturing taps with higher flute finish. Simple arm type automation is also provided for pick and place operation. This in turn reduces operator intervention and reduces man power for mass production line. As automation is configured within machine axes, overall cost of automation
is also not very much expensive compared to robotic type automation.

V2 Advanced Futura comes with User – friendly MTS – AG. Profile simulation, 3D simulation guides the operator to design the proper tool. Collision check feature helps to decide tool length, collet system, etc. to ensure trouble free running machine. ISO Programming with the help of user parameter is also possible.