“Imaginarium opens first 3D Printing café in Mumbai ”


3D printing is a revolutionary technology that allows anyone to create physical objects from digital designs. It is impacting industries worldwide, and changing the face of manufacturing. It is now commonplace to hear of 3D printed jewellery, cars, food, houses and even human organs.

The city of Mumbai has recently witnessed the launch of a first of its kind 3D Printing Hub, where you can walk in and start using this amazing technology first-hand.  The hub aims at creating a platform for community engagement and increasing awareness of 3D printing among the general public, especially students, and is strategically located in in the heart of JVPD scheme, Juhu. In this space one can expect to find a range of tailor-made courses and workshops for those new to the technology, along with a wide variety of 3D printers, 3D pens, customised gifts and miniature figurines for sale.

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The initiative is a partnership between India’s largest 3D Printing company - Imaginarium (under its education arm Metamorphosis Cafe), along with Time Media.

Expanding on the concept of Metamorphosis Cafe, Tanmay Shah, Head of Innovations at Imaginarium comments, “Sensing the growing gap between technology advancement and public awareness about the same, Imaginarium started off Metamorphosis Cafe as a channel for anyone to access, explore and apply technology to their daily life and work. These Cafes, or 3D printing experience zones, can plug into any existing school, college or makerspace. We are extremely excited to launch Mumbai’s first 3D printing hub, TimeTo3D, where absolutely anyone can walk in with an idea and walk out with it’s physical manifestation in their hands.”