“Nurture the Environment”


Climate change, global warming, and deforestation are some of the implications of disharmony caused to the nature and its resources. Individuals have to be mindful of the repercussions of the infringement of nature and its resources and drive corrective action by creating awareness and promoting the conservation of natural resources along with restoring degraded habitats. Only once we truly realize the extent of the problem, can we discover the innovative approaches to overcome this manmade crisis. The dreadful consequences intensified by human actions are set to have the potential to endanger future generations.

This year’s theme ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ highlights preserving resources of our planet, exploring green technologies, and innovative designs that can reconstruct the world’s ecosystems. We must continue to develop new technologies that have directed to more environment friendly methodologies, more careful stewardship of our resources such as the transformation to solar and renewable energy sources.

Importance of adopting new technologies

Advancement in technologies can bring immense positive results to the environment and help in reversing the damaging impacts. Evolution in technology such as use of automation and IoT, are supporting mankind in taking instant moves towards bringing sustainable and energy-efficient products. Technology is helping us tackle some of the hard pressing hurdles faced by the ecosystem. We still have a long way to bring developments and improvements, but initial outcomes are bringing impressive and effective signs for the future of our environment.


Each individual has a responsibility

Every individual today calculates their self-worth by the materialistic products they own. This mindset has created a great negative impact on the environment. Global warming and climate change is for real and the time has come of each individual to be mindful of our behaviour and re-evaluate our actions by taking a pledge to ditch the regimes that can cause harm to our mother earth and shift towards more sustainable living. In line with the theme, every individual must take small yet corrective measures in their day to day existence and look for solutions that can help in restoring the earth for the generations to come.


The need to switch towards energy efficient products and solutions

Energy efficiency is a persuasive method to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth. Our homes represent a part in being responsible for national greenhouse gas emissions, and thus implementing energy efficiency measures in your home can significantly reduce your emissions contribution. In addition to financial savings, adopting to energy-efficient appliances such as LED lightings can deplete per family’s contribution to the CO2 footprint as LED lights are sustainable in nature and they consume very less energy in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs. Consumers can consciously purchase electrical appliances that help in saving energy and thereby saving the natural resources. For instance, using fans with BLDC technology can help in conserving energy. Additionally, educating the masses about choosing the right wires and cables which come with RoHS compliance can reduce an overall impact and help in saving energy.


Role of manufacturing industries in conversation of resources

Manufacturing industries are increasingly acquiring innovative ways of adopting renewable energy and reduce the carbon footprints caused during the production activities. It is important to move towards a more sustainable business model to settle environmental emergencies. Transforming raw materials into useful products is one of the most expensive and energy-intensive activities within manufacturing. 

The manufacturing industry needs to increase efficiency and reduce energy utilization by re-modelling the energy supply and decreasing the dependency on imported fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. Digital and cloud technologies can expedite the progress to an economy that is regenerative by design. With the constant implementation of innovative and effective techniques, the manufacturing sector is increasingly accomplishing new tools, advancements in bringing energy efficiency in manufacturing across the planet.


Research points that a healthy ecosystem shields us from various diseases as biological diversity makes it tough for pathogens to spread rapidly. Hence, to summarise, ecological restoration is the most crucial endeavour of our time. We need to reflect on the ecological emergency and preserve biodiversity for upcoming generations. We have an obligation to convert our pledges into a battle to fight towards restoring our ecosystems