“igus introduces affordable carriages made from recycled plastic”

igus, a global leader in motion plastics, introduces its latest innovation: the drylin econ entry-level series. The new polymer carriages offer cost savings of up to 80 per cent. 

The drylin econ series is manufactured from regranulated high-performance plastic, making it not only cost-effective but also environmentally sustainable. These carriages are designed to simplify adjustment and positioning tasks, all while costing less than 20 per cent of their milled aluminium counterparts. Further, they can smoothly navigate curved aluminium rails, thanks to movable bearings.

In an era where efficiency and cost-cutting are given utmost importance, design engineers now have access to a cost-effective solution. Michael Hornung, Product Manager, drylin Linear and Drive Technology, igus, explained, "We have introduced the drylin econ series to cater to the growing need for simple adjustment and positioning tasks, including cornering."

Key Features and Benefits:

Cost Reduction: The drylin econ series offers an affordable alternative to traditional linear guides, with carriages injection-moulded from high-performance plastic. This innovative approach reduces the cost of a 0630-size linear carriage and saves design engineers over 80 per cent.

Maintenance-Free Operation: The incorporation of microscopic solid lubricants within the high-performance plastic eliminates the need for maintenance.

Lightweight Design: drylin econ utilises a combination of plastic and aluminium, making it suitable for lightweight constructions and diverse applications.

Cornering Capability: These carriages smoothly navigate curves on anodised aluminium linear rails, offering noise-free movement. This feature is especially valuable for applications like vending machines in public spaces.

Sustainability: igus' commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of recycled material. The carriages are made from regranulated plastic, including production waste, promoting a resource-saving, environmentally friendly circular economy.