“ECOlogical: igus' first range of regranulated tribo-plastics bearings”

Social transformation, responsibility for the environment and changes in the way we use plastics are receiving notice in the industry. For customers interested in more sustainable designs for their moving applications, igus now offers an interesting alternative: four new materials made from recycled plastic are available in the new product range iglidur ECO.

At its main site in Cologne, the motion plastics specialist igus develops and tests tribologically optimised high-performance plastics for moving applications: plain bearings, linear bearings, ball bearings, spherical bearings, energy chains, cables, 3D printing materials and plastic-based low-cost robotics. The advantages of tribo-polymers are obvious. They are lightweight, low-maintenance and require no additional lubrication throughout their service life. This is a huge advantage because, in Germany alone, more than a million metric tons of lubricating oil are sold every year, and the majority ends up in the environment. iglidur plain bearing technology can reduce this pollution while increasing the application's service life. With the plain bearing product range made of ECO materials, igus starts even earlier in the product life cycle and uses regranulate to produce new plain bearings.

No Lubrication Or Maintenance

The new series consists of 97-100 per cent regranulated iglidur materials. To this end, sprue, a classic waste product in injection-moulding production, can be used. The new plain-bearing product range includes four materials that demonstrate their advantages in a wide variety of applications: iglidur ECO H is especially resistant to temperature and media and can therefore be used in highly corrosive and hot environments. iglidur ECO P offers high mechanical strength with low moisture absorption and is therefore ideal for outdoor use. The affordable iglidur ECO A180 material is suitable for price-sensitive applications, while iglidur ECO G is extremely robust and versatile.

Fewer Microplastic Thanks To Abrasion-Resistant Plastics

Like the entire product range of iglidur plain bearings, all ECO materials are lubricant-free, and their service life can be calculated online. In 15,000 tribological tests per year, the new ECO series and the other 58 iglidur materials prove how resistant they are to abrasion and wear. Less abrasion means less microplastic pollution and considerably longer service life. It is not necessary to replace the machine or individual components soon. If these components are also 'smart', they exactly predict their service life during real operation, regular maintenance and replacement are no longer required. The plain bearing is only replaced when it has to be. This can also increase the service life of the individual components in the application. It is not necessary to routinely replace components that are still functioning correctly.