“Alstom to employ 25 per cent women in professional roles by 2025”

Alstom, the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has over 18 per cent women on the shopfloor at its manufacturing facility in Coimbatore.

Today, these women are able to support their families financially and even pursuing higher education (BE) to excel further in their career.

Several exceptional women are making waves by defying gender stereotypes and achieving global impact:

Ramya Pechimuthu, an Industrial Quality Engineer, has made significant contributions to Chennai Metro and Kochi Metro projects. Her proficiency spans quality inspection, animations in production, customer relations, and process enhancement.

Venkada Lakshmi's journey began as a trainee at Alstom and has culminated in her role as a Team Lead. She's currently engaged with the Traction line team, overseeing projects like MML - Mumbai and ICNG-Germany.

Ramalakshmi Murugan's trajectory from Production to a Site Change and Configuration Engineer is a testament to her versatility. She has been instrumental in CMRL - Chennai and KMRL - Kochi Metro projects.

Thangamani, a dedicated Team Lead, has left her mark on critical ventures including CMRL - Chennai, LMRC - Lucknow, and KMRL - Kochi Metro in Looming & Cabinets.

Elakiya Rajan played a pivotal role in constructing looms and harnesses for Mumbai Metro Line 3 (MML 3) and is currently showcasing her adaptability on a short-term assignment in Mexico.

Suvalakshmi R, a Team Lead, exhibited exceptional leadership in a male-dominated team of 29, and is now supporting her brother's higher education.

Revathi Annadurai, in her role as Team Lead, has led a triumphant Canadian metro Looms project, achieving a remarkable 40 per cent process time reduction.

Shanmugi R, originally a trainee, is currently contributing her expertise to the Trenmaya project in Mexico as a Team Lead.

Sivapadmini Chinnamuthu, overseeing 30 employees as a Team Lead, contributed her knowledge to a technology transfer in Perth during a short-term mission.

It aims to reach 25 per cent women in management, engineering and professional roles by 2025, in India.