“SgurrEnergy achieves 100GW+ energy experience globally”

Leading renewable energy consultant SgurrEnergy has achieved a significant milestone of over 100 GW of experience in renewable energy projects globally, with India accounting for 60 GW~ of its total achieved capacity.

The company, which has attained this success for its projects spanning over 40 countries, is aligned with India's renewable energy targets of achieving 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. According to SgurrEnergy, it aims to realise the vision of renewable energy adoption in India and globally with advancements in technology, community engagement, and a focus on driving the transition on a broader scale with capacity additions in wind, solar, and other clean energy sources.

Arif Aga, Director, SgurrEnergy, said, "We have achieved this global milestone through a combination of expertise in renewable energy technologies, strategic partnerships, and successful project management. Our collaboration with international stakeholders and adherence to industry best practices are key contributors to this success. We are confident in turning our vision of renewable energy adoption in India and globally into a reality with our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the continued growth of renewable energy."

One of the oldest technical consultants in the country, going forward, it aims to expand its projects in the country by identifying new opportunities in the renewable energy sector and providing additional services through green hydrogen energy and inspection services. It is partnering with local companies, hiring local engineers, and enhancing the local business's capabilities to learn and execute more projects in India.


Internationally, the company is looking to explore new markets, establish partnerships, and invest in projects to contribute to global renewable energy goals. According to the company, fostering global collaborations, engaging in knowledge-sharing initiatives, participating in international conferences, and forming partnerships with organisations that share a common interest will be pivotal in advancing renewable energy infrastructure globally.