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Restart with confidence: How Industry 4.0 will help manufacturers get back on track.

The Covid19 crisis is an unprecedented event in human history. Like all segments of the society and economy, it has severely impacted the manufacturing industry across the globe. Of course, we need to resolve, restart and fast track business continuity as well economic recovery while ensuring the ‘Safety & Health First’ approach.

So where do you stand?

To help you envision this, we’ve collected some reading for you. You can feel free to access some exclusive Industry reports and demo’s to help you sail through this is time of crisis.

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    remote monitoring for maintenance

    EXISTENCE OF ASSET MANAGEMENT IN ASSET-INTENSUVE INDUSTRIES: in this infographic we evaluate the unique value proposition brought forward by multiple vendors for the EAM industry, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Infor as a global leader in the EAM industry.


    what's ahead of manufacturing in 2020: get a glimpse of what's ahead in Future of Manufacturing 2020 in this exclusive Webcast

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    How to get started with industry 4.0: Read on for some Key recommendations on steps to take and specific Infor@software solutions that can help manufactures get started with industry 4.0

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    The Digital Enterprise Advantage: In this MPI Disrupitive Technologies in Manufacturing Study, which surveyed more than 400 executives shows the Key digital enterprise technlogies being deployed by companies.

We are with you

Infor has been closely observing, analyzing and monitoring the dynamics of the industry in the current scenario. Our focus as always is to create advanced and yet simple, practical as well as effective solutions to existing as well as evolving problems of the manufacturing industry. We believe in working together. In fact, we have always taken the phrase ‘We are all in it together’ seriously.

This microsite is just another example of our endeavors of reaching out to you with the aim of understanding your pain points and offering possible solutions. Based on our research and understanding, we have come up with the following priority points for the industry in the given scenario:

  • Safety First:Ensure comprehensive safety & precautionary measures against Covid19 at every stage and every level. This should include specific rules on distances and hygiene besides strict adherence to PPEs.
  • One at a time:Resume operations step-by-step. If you have multiple plants, do it plant-by-plant.
  • Be agile: Put plans for agile manufacturing processes as well agile supply chains on overdrive. Rigid and set systems cannot efficiently cater to volatile demand environments.
  • Be flexible: Pure production performance does not matter anymore. The need of the new world order is to create a hyper responsive operation that can rapidly change its course to suit the market change.
  • Automate where possible: Industry 4.0 technologies help provide a real time visibility of your supply chain and your production schedules and make changes to customer orders as required
  • Remote monitoring for maintenance: With social distancing likely to stay for a longtime, remote monitoring and diagnosis will be critical to enabling predictive maintenance service.