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Infosys’ study on global manufacturing shows intriguing results

Published : 15, May 2015

Global manufacturing study shows early signs of adoption of groundbreaking machine-to-data technologies with china leading the way


Faro announces its Asia Pacific 3D User Conference 2015

Published : 17, Mar 2015

Sessions Scheduled in China, India, & Japan.


Building tomorrow’s manufacturer

Published : 9, Mar 2015

The factory of the future will be more capital efficient and flexible. Updates from product design teams will be introduced more quickly, and customisations incorporated more easily....


Networked future

Published : 10, Feb 2015

Industrial production of the future will be more networked and will be driven by intelligence. By Juergen Moessinger, Vice President Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions


Volkswagen India's RCC to provide global IT support

Published : 19, Nov 2014

The Regional Competency Centre (RCC) in Hinjewadi, Pune, will cater to the global IT requirements of all brands under the Volkswagen Group.


Driving productivity with the cloud

Published : 10, Nov 2014

As manufacturers around the world are discovering, shifting to a more collaborative communication model with the cloud not only cuts waste, it can lead to huge boosts in productivity....


Big data and profitability

Published : 10, Nov 2014

To achieve faster and more effective decision-making, companies will need to increase their access to business intelligence data in real time. - By Anish Kanaran


Trends accelerating cloud adoption

Published : 15, Sep 2014

The overall cloud awareness and readiness has improved and the manufacturing industry is responding by building a just-in-time technology foundation based on public and private clouds....


Enabling Efficient Engineering

Published : 10, Sep 2014

His Company’s emphasis is on the competence of optimised and efficient processes, which help customers to be competitive in the long term, says Ramji Singh, Country Head, EPLAN India....


Verifying the vitals!

Published : 10, Sep 2014

Simulation speed is very important to manufacturers, but so is the amount of time spent preparing a simulation and its accurate representation of the physical process, says Bryan...